Shoulder Pain

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The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body which allows us to move our arm in many different positions with ease. The design of the shoulder joint sacrifices stability for mobility which puts the shoulder at risk for injury. A painful shoulder will often make it difficult to move the arm to perform activities of daily living such as grooming, lifting, pushing and pulling as well as limiting participation in sports and recreational hobbies.

Shoulder Pain is the 3rd most common musculoskeletal cause for patients to consult their doctor.”
Southhampton Health Technology Assessments Centre

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Treating and Managing Your Shoulder Pain

The treatment depends on the cause of the problem and should be determined by a thorough evaluation. Physical therapy is an important part of treatment and can help decrease the pain with the use of different modalities, manual therapy to help improve joint function, and strength and stabilization to help improve muscle function. Treatment will vary depending on the cause of the pain, one size doesn’t fit all.

At N-Balance Physical Therapy we begin with an assessment of the whole body looking to restore normal movement and function thus decreasing your shoulder pain

At the end of your therapy, you'll have the tools to self-manage your pain.

It's our promise to you. Kind of like being your own fixer-upper.


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N-Balance Physical Therapy

Uses a balance
of manual therapy and exercise.

Other Clinics

Uses exercise
as the only source of treatment.

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