Treating Pain

Treating Pain

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Science and medicine have made great advances in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal pain which can be acute (rapid onset with severe symptoms) or chronic (long-lasting). Whether the pain you are experiencing is from muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones or joints, we know this pain can be alleviated by treating its cause. Typically, physical therapy clinics focus on local pain assuming the location of the pain is also the cause of the pain. If you treat pain locally you’ll get mixed results; however, if you treat the root cause, the pain should resolve.

The Whole Body

Originally, specific groups of muscles and bones were viewed as separate functional units. However, newer research and imaging tools have allowed us to understand that while individual muscles may initiate a movement; the movement itself is done through a complex tensional network made up of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerve fibers that are connected together by a body-wide structural fabric called fascia. Most people think of fascia as just a thin layer of “white stuff” that covers our muscles. We now know that fascia forms a continuous connective tissue matrix throughout our bodies, not just covering organs, muscles and nerves, but connecting them all together. In essence, science and medicine have learned that fascia plays a significant role in many movements of the body making it one whole functional unit or a tensegrity system.

The Relationship of Pain and the Whole Body

When there is trauma in a tensegrity system, the whole system (your whole body) tries to adapt and re-balance. Often the area that is adapting the most to this trauma is the area of pain rarely where the trauma occurred. That is why treating the area of pain can and most often will have little or no positive outcome.

At N-Balance Physical Therapy we don’t fall into the trap of “chasing the pain”; we believe in evaluating the whole body as a functional unit so the right treatment can be applied. This approach is aimed at restoring normal movement and function, which can help your pain decrease or subside.

“Out of 238 million American Adults, 100 million live in chronic pain.”
Judy Foreman, health columnist and author of A Nation in Pain

Improved function and less pain.

It's our promise to you. And you thought your life as a secret agent was over.

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