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Tensegrity is an engineering concept in which a system mechanically stabilizes itself through equal distribution and balance of tension and compression forces. In architecture tensegrity is used with structures held together by non-touching compression rods and continuous tension wires. Our bodies are designed in the same way with the compression rods being our bones and the continuous tension wires represented by our muscles, fascia and ligaments, creating a balance of tension and compression forces throughout our body.
Our skeleton structure is not meant to be held up by bones being stacked one upon the other with our ligaments tied around them to hold in them in place; this would not be sturdy enough to sustain our body. We are however, able to stand, stabilize and adjust functionally through the balanced tensional network that is woven throughout our body.

“The  principles of tensegrity apply at essentially every detectable size scale of the human body.”
Donald Ingber, Ph.D., MD, Harvard Medical School

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