Hands on Treatment

Hands on Treatment

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“In our study, two thirds who received hands-on treatment saw a 30% reduction of pain and half had a 50% reduction of their pain level.”
John Licciardone, D.O., UNT Health Science Center

Treatment for Joint Dysfunction

Two bones coming together comprise a joint that is designed for movement. Trauma or other health factors can restrict a joint from its full fluid movement; yet, continual use of the joint through exercise and everyday functions can cause the joints to wear out and become more painful, arthritic and inflamed. A skilled manual therapist can manually release the joints of their restriction so they function as originally designed and in turn makes movement easier and less painful for patients.

Treatment for Soft Tissue Dysfunction

With soft tissues, the joint moves but the muscles and surrounding area or the fascia that surrounds the area can become restricted and tight limiting the range of motion. Exercising without a full range of motion or a shortened range creates more tension, more pain in the area and ultimately less freedom of movement that results in poor exercise quality. Just as in joint restrictions, manual therapy can release restrictions occurring in the soft tissues to restore full movement increasing the quality of exercise.

Treatment for Neuromuscular Dysfunction

The heart is the only muscle in the body that works without any assistance from the brain; all other muscles function via communication with the brain through nerve pathways. Sometimes this signal between the brain and the muscles experience interference causing the muscles to become inhibited or over facilitated resulting in the muscles not working properly; much like how static on a phone can interfere with the conversation between two people.

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