Your First Visit

Your First Visit

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In preparation for your first visit, you’ll need to download, print and fill out a few patient forms. You’ll also need to have your doctor’s referral, driver’s license or photo I.D.

“Hippocrates is believed to have been the first practitioner of physical therapy, using manual therapy  and hydrotherapy to treat people in 460 B.C.”
Journal of  Manual and Manipulative Therapy

Your Appointment

During your first visit, the physical therapist will perform an initial assessment so allow approximately one hour, but arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment so we can get you through the new patient process. It’s important to be on time for your appointment with your paperwork already completed. A late start in your appointment could result in less time for your treatment and evaluation.

What to Bring

  • Completed patient forms
  • Doctor’s referral (unless your doctor sent it to our clinic)
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance card
  • Comfortable clothes such as shorts/sweats and t-shirt

What You Should Wear

Have something comfortable such as:

  • shorts
  • sweat pants
  • t-shirt

Anything that is appropriate for the area being treated.

Please Be Respectful…

of others who have allergies by not wearing perfume or scented lotions.

Young Children

In consideration of other patients and safety, if at all possible, please do not bring young children unless they are the ones being treated.


We help people who suffer from pain become more active without the need for pain medication using natural treatment techniques.

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