What Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

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At N-Balance Physical Therapy, we are committed to give our patients the best of care and their feedback shows it. Read some of their comments to see how N-Balance Physical Therapy has made a difference for them.



“My patients’ confidence in the fact I care about them and can help them is important to their treatment.”
Nancy Cano, PT, DPT; Owner of N-Balance Physical Therapy

My Quality of Life is Better Already

“After years of chronic pain due to a neck injury and surgery I am so thankful to have found Nancy at N Balance Physical Therapy! She is extremely knowledgeable and I felt a difference in my pain and stiffness after the very first session! She spends the entire session one on one with you and basically fixes the way your body works…like a mechanic for the body. It is hard to explain but it is just amazing! I have been seeing her for several weeks and I have noticed a significant drop in my pain level. I am now taking less pain meds and moving and functioning better. My quality of life is better already and I am again hopeful about my future which is priceless. I’ve been to several physical therapy clinics, doctors, chiropractors all with the same results…being told they don’t know why I am in pain and sent to pain management and take pills. So glad I found N Balance and I highly recommend them!!”
Alyssa M.

I Am Pain Free Due to Nancy’s Care

“In 1993 my neck was injured during a surgical procedure and I had been living daily with pain, 10+ on a 1-10 pain scale. In 2003 my physician asked me if I would consider going to physical therapy and recommended Nancy Cano, PT. I was hesitant to work with another physical therapist, since the last one made me hurt more. It is true that keeping the muscles strong and flexible helped decrease my pain and increase my quality of life, but only if you have the right physical therapist, one which treats your individual needs.

I tell people who are in pain to go and see Nancy Cano. She takes her time on every visit to evaluate the entire body and find the limitations that are causing pain. Trust me, you will be amazed at the difference in how much better you feel and how much better you function. I am no longer a 10+ in pain; most days I am pain free due to Nancy’s care.”
Penny C

I Was In A Lot of Pain

“I was in a lot of pain at the beginning of my treatment. Nancy Cano was sensitive to my issues and addressed them in a gentle but firm manner.”
Judy W.

A Positive Experience

“The whole experience was positive and not only would I recommend N-Balance services I have told two other people about your office and technique! Thank you.”
Valerie D.

I Am Feeling Better and Fueled with New Hope

“A very long time ago I had given up on the belief that physical therapy could help me. I had significant chronic pain and back spasms that had gone on for some length of time. I am certain that his pain contributed to my irritability and even some depression and kept me from attempting physically challenging activities. I had attempted physical therapy at other clinics that were not successful and used NSAIDS, but mostly I just dealt with the chronic pain as best as I could.

A friend of mine whom had been helped by Dr. Nancy Cano told me about her unique skill set for treatment, but I still didn’t have a lot of confidence and hope. After being treated by Dr. Cano I am feeling better and fueled with a new hope that I can continue to feel even better. I feel better than I have felt in years and strongly encourage anyone who is currently skeptical or undecided to give Dr. Cano and her therapy a trial. It has been life changing for me!”
Joanna J

We help people who suffer from pain become more active without the need for pain medication using natural treatment techniques.

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